Leviathan Nether Black And White Metallic Bathbomb

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Our new leviathan nether black and white metallic bomb, infused with kaolin clay, Epsom salts and avocado oil( beneficial skin moisturiser filled with vitamins and minerals and is a natural anti oxidant. 
The intoxicating frangrance is cherry berry and we only use mineral sheens and bio glitter. Each is hand painted with the leviathan sigil. Balance and truth•••• 
Welcome to the Leviathan ' for a true underworld experience!!! All Hex-bomb products are vegan , cruelty free and sls and paraben free. 
Fresh ingredients are used in our product and the do have a shelf life, most people use bath bombs within 6 months to insure the fizz, scent and colour is at its best. we do recommend keeping the bath bombs refrigerated as heat can discolour the bombs.